Home Technology

Home Technology

Home Technology

Our home is equipped with state of the art technology to enhance security and automation. Please refrain from touching, unplugging or removing any of these devices.

The robo vacuum (affectionately known as HAL2000), is located in the rec room downstairs. It is diabled and will not run while guests are occupying the residence.

There are 4 outdoor security cameras that run 24/7 to alert us of any suspicious activity. There are NO CAMERAS IN THE RESIDENCE.

To operate the Nest thermostat, simply push the ring in and rotate to select either heat or air conditioning followed by pushing the ring in to activate that selection. Turn the ring for the desired temperature.

You will notice these small “pucks” measuring 3″ square throughout the house wherever there is a water source (behind toilets, refrigerator, sinks and washing machine). If there is a water leak intrusion, the device will detect and turn off the main water source to the house to prevent flooding. These devices have an intermittent blinking blue light indicating it is active.

The house is equipped with high speed internet and maintains a consistent strong signal throughout the property with a mesh router system. There are 3 of these devices (one on each floor and one on the exterior wall at the lower rear entrance).

Both interior and exterior lights are automatically set to turn on and off at designated times. The automatic interior lights are disabled while guests are occupying the house. Please refrain from tampering with the auto light panel to the interior right of the front door as it controls the exterior floodlights.