House Rules

House Rules

House Rules

Text 615-948-4552 or email to Eddie@BestKeptSecretEscapes.comCHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT TIMES

  • Check-in time is 4:00PM CSTon the day of your scheduled arrival. No early check-ins, absent prior consent of Owner, will be allowed. Upon arrival, Guest will be given a code to unlock the door that will be operational by 4:00 PM CST on the day of Guest’s scheduled arrival.
  • Check-out time is 10:00AM CSTon the day of Guest’s scheduled departure. Any delay in check-out, absent prior consent of Owner, shall result in guest being charged for another night’s stay. Upon departure, Guest shall leave the WELCOME PACKET and assigned guest passes, parking passes on the kitchen counter.

Guest warrants that the Lead Renter is an adult, 25 years or older, and will be an occupant of the Unit during the entire reserved period. A copy of the Lead Renter’s government-issued ID with picture is required and will be kept on file. DUE TO FIRE CODE REGULATIONS AND OUR STRICT POLICY, THE NUMBER OF PERSONS PERMITTED TO OCCUPY AND USE THE UNIT IS STRICTLY LIMITED TO EIGHT (8) INDIVIDUALS AT ALL TIMES. GATHERINGS IN EXCESS OF THE EIGHT (8) INDIVIDUALS LISTED BELOW WILL REQUIRE ADVANCE PERMISSION OF THE OWNER. Exceeding a total occupancy of 8 persons will result either in immediate eviction without compensation or a $200 per guest per night charge at the full discretion of the Owner. “Actual occupancy” includes all persons irrespective of age (including toddlers and/or infants), and regardless of whether they are day or night visitors or overnight visitors. “Day or night visitors” would include individuals other than the registered guests accessing the property. PLEASE NOTE: FOR SECURITY REASONS, VERIFICATION OF THE GUEST COUNT WILL BE MADE VIA FRONT DOORBELL CAMERA.

The Lead Renter will assume full responsibility for all members of the Rental Group (which is defined as all persons listed in the Rental Agreement, as well as any invitees that were allowed into the Unit without Owner’s permission) throughout the rental period.

The Quiet Hours are between 10PM – 10AM every day. Always, and especially during Quiet Hours, please conduct your indoor and outdoor activities in a prudent and respectful manner that will not be disturbing to your neighbors. This resort has a zero-tolerance noise policy. If there is a noise complaint from other guests, security, or neighbors, you may be issued a warning or be asked to leave the resort without a refund. Violations are addressed by Security (850-896-5434) or law enforcement.

Do not hang anything off the balcony, including towels and swimsuits.
Please Note: It is a Felony in the State of Florida to throw ANYTHING from the balcony. Any violation will result in eviction and the filing of a police report.

Balcony Yelling: STRICTLY PROHIBITED AND CONSIDERED A DISTURBANCE OF THE PEACE. Violation of this strict policy will result in immediate eviction.

Please do not hold elevator doors open, jump in elevator, press all elevator buttons, or exceed the posted capacity limits in the elevator. THIS WILL RESULT IN ELEVATOR FAILURE AND YOU WILL BE HELD LIABLE FOR DAMAGES.

Parking and wristband policies are governed by the Resort. You agree to abide by the parking and wristband policies in effect at the time of your stay. Parking is limited to two (2) parking passes and (8 maximum) wristbands will be provided to you according to Resort rules at check in.

Property Wristbands:  Must be worn on your wrist at all times while on property. This is for your safety as well as for your fellow guests. Children under the age of 8 are exempt from wearing wristbands. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT LOSE YOUR WRIST BAND! Replacement of a lost GUEST band is $100 payable by credit card (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, VISA). Broken, wet, soggy wristbands (must have entire band) may be exchanged for a new one at no charge.

Shores of Panama Resort Community Association, Inc. rules are made a part of this Agreement, and may be posted in the Unit. You agree to abide by these rules. If violations occur, you may be fined by Shores of Panama Resort Community Association, Inc. or you may be removed by the Shores of Panama Resort Community Association, Inc. If this occurs, you agree to waive any statutory rights to a refund for unused days.

Guest shall only use the Unit as a residence. Guest will comply with all laws, rules, ordinances, statutes and orders regarding the use of the Unit. Guest and any invitees of Guest must comply with all of the House Rules. Failure to comply with the House Rules and/or any reservations made under false pretenses may result in loss of all of Guest’s payments made to Owner and possible removal of Guests from the Unit, in addition to all other remedies available to Owner. If Guest violates any of the House Rules, Owner, or its agent, has the legal right to enter the Unit and Guest hereby agrees to vacate the Unit immediately upon the request of Owner and forfeit all rent.

Please complete an arrival inspection when you arrive and check in. All damage to the Property must be reported to Owner at or by phone or text to (615) 948-4552 within 12 hours of discovering inoperable equipment, damage or after accidental damage occurs.

Guest must observe and adhere to all posted rules and policies of Shores of Panama. Guest, and all invitees of Guest, hereby accept and assume all risks involved in or related to the use of any common areas of Shores of Panama.

When the air conditioning unit is operating; all windows and doors must be kept shut. This will assist Owner economically and increase electricity efficiency, but mainly this will reduce the intake of moisture in the warm air that creates dampness and mildew in units. AC should not be turned down below 68 degrees to assist in the total building cooling system or above 74 degrees.

Smoking and/or vaping is strictly prohibited inside the Unit and throughout all common areas of Shores of Panama. If there is any tobacco or vape smell in the Unit or smoking-related litter found in the unit including balcony, there will be a $500 fee charged to the Lead Renter’s credit card, as well as any additional associated costs to rid the Unit of smoke smell and damage.

The Unit nor the Resort does NOT allow pets and or other animals–No exceptions. Complexes generally do not allow pets/animals and have the right to remove Guests who violate their policies. They require all service animals and ESAs to be registered in advance and may deny entry to the Resort if you bring pets or animals that do not qualify or if you violate their policies. This prohibition on animals is not a guarantee than an animal has not been inside the Property or that the Property is free of allergens. If an animal that is not a Service Animal or approved Emotional Support Animals (ESA) is found in the Property or on resort grounds during your stay, you agree to immediately remove the animal. Failure to remove the animal will result in your party being removed from the Property. No refund of unused nights will be issued. If evidence of an animal policy violation is discovered after check out, Guest agrees that the Owner will charge up to a $500.00 fee to cover deep cleaning the Unit to the Guest’s method of payment on file.

Doors are painted green. Available on every floor by each stairwell except 1st Floor. Bag all trash securely and send down the chute. Large items, furniture or other debris that does not fit in the chute may be disposed of in the dumpster located outside.

A maximum of two (2) vehicle passes may be assigned for the Unit. Passes are required for parking in the garage. There is only (1) reserved parking space and additional non-reserved spaces are available and are marked in yellow. The parking pass must be prominently displayed on the dash of the Guest’s vehicle(s). Failure to display the guest pass may result in the vehicle being towed. Owner shall remain harmless if the Guest’s vehicle(s) are towed.

Parking Garage:Vehicles over 6’ 11” in height are not permitted. Trailers are no longer allowed in parking garage. Garage Tip: Please stop and look well ahead of the corner turn in the parking garage to be sure no one is coming before you pull around the corner. Refer to the Garage Rules that are posted at the entrance of the garage. Avoid ruining your vacation by having your vehicle towed due to parking in a reserved space not assigned to you. Lost Parking Passes may not be replaced.

Guest certifies and acknowledges the property has a security doorbell camera at the entry door. THERE ARE NO CAMERAS INSIDE THE RESIDENCE. Owner meters the level of noise inside and outside the property and will advise guest if noise level exceeds 50dB.

Please close and lock all doors and windows when you’re not in residence.

Children are welcome in our home, however, there may be conditions in and around it that may pose hazards to them, as well as to adults. Owner does not assume any liability or responsibility for any injuries occurring during Guests stay. Children must be supervised at all times.

Areas that are locked, such as Owner’s personal storage spaces, for which Guest is not provided a key, are off limits to Guest. Any attempt to enter or tamper with locked areas is cause for immediate termination of this Agreement, forfeiture of all monies paid, and Guest will be liable for any damage and/or missing items.


  • Place coasters under bottles and glasses.
  • Clean up any spills immediately.
  • Do not sit on the furniture in wet clothing.

Luggage racks are provided in each bedroom. Please do not place luggage on bedding.

Although we thoroughly clean between guests, we expect that on the last day of your stay the kitchen is wiped down and any dishes used are loaded and started in dishwasher.

Any spills or damage shall be reported immediately; we understand mistakes happen, but we would like to assist you with cleanup if necessary.

A maximum of eight (8) Guests may be issued access to use of the resort Amenities. Guest wristbands must be worn at all times while on the property.

Note: Access to some of the amenities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic may be restricted by Shores of Panama Resort Community Association, Inc. or county and/or state regulations. No reduction of rent, rebate, or refund will be issued due to closure of any Shores of Panama Amenities.

If there is any evidence of a party held at the Unit, any excessive noise by Guest music, or illegal activity, Guest will be asked to vacate the Unit, no refund will be given, and a fee of $500 will be charged to the Lead Renter’s credit card on file. This fee is in addition to any additional cleaning, replacement cost of broken items, and repairs needed resulting from violation of this policy.

In addition, any rules or regulations of Shores of Panama Resort Community Association, Inc. violated by Guest, or any invitee of Guest, which results in a fine to the Unit, will be charged to the Lead Renter’s credit card on file. It is the duty of each Guest to read and review the House Rules upon arrival to ensure that all regulations of the community are followed. An overview of these rules will be sent to Guest prior to arrival, and a list of the House Rules can also be found in the Welcome Book.

Guest shall receive internet access prior to Guest’s arrival. Guest agrees that any illegal downloading during Guest’s stay shall be the responsibility of the Guest. If for any reason internet service goes out, Owner will do everything possible to have service restored. However, Owner does not guarantee the timing of restoring internet, satellite or cable service. Guest shall contact WiFi support directly to assist in restoring internet by calling the following phone number: (855) 483-2486. No rent reimbursement shall be paid for loss of service.

Only toilet paper and human waste is to be flushed down the toilet.

Guest may use the flameless, battery-operated. No fireworks or pyrotechnics of any type (e.g., gender reveal explosions) allowed anywhere in Shores of Panama.

Owner, or its representative, shall have the right to enter the Unit at reasonable hours for the purpose of making repairs and/or inspections. Notice to Guest will be provided by Owner, or its property manager or representative, when we will enter the Property to the extent reasonable under the circumstances. If access is needed for emergency purposes, Owner or Owner’s representatives shall have the right to access the Unit immediately.

Guest acknowledges the Unit may have features, amenities, and conditions that are unfamiliar to you and other guests you invite to the Unit. Guest further acknowledges that use of the Unit and its amenities may carry inherent risk, including risk of bodily injury, illness or disease, disability, or death. For example, docks, stairways, porches, balconies, ledges, ocean, sand, cliffs, hot tubs, and other unmarked natural or manmade features, amenities, and conditions that carry inherent risk. Guest agrees that, by using the Unit or its amenities, guest voluntarily and willfully assumes those risks and assume full responsibility for the choices guest makes before, during and after guests use of the Unit and its amenities.